Sunday, September 15, 2019

Week 11 is Steelers v Browns.* In other words, these TNF ads aren't going to get any better

Nothing more entertaining than watching the fans of two irrelevant professional football teams trash-talk eachother, is there?

Seriously, the only thing these idiots should be arguing about is how many dozen people outside of Nashsville and Jacksonville intend to tune in on Thursday.  I mean, it IS going up against Celebrity Family Feud with something named Tyler Blevins, after all.  And that's just ABC!

This woman especially is being awfully mouthy in her support for a team which is currently 1-1 as it prepares to go up against a team which is 0-2.  Meanwhile, the Jags fan seems pretty confident that his team is going to bounce back and win the conference....but that might be only because the Colts lost their star quarterback to retirement a few days before the season started?  Either way, no reason to be crowing, buddy.  And again, your team is 0-2. 

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