Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just to clear up any misunderstandings from my previous post

I think that these are the among the most effective ads on television, because they appeal to our basic humanity.

I don't think of pets as human beings, and though I adored the dog I grew up with (a beautiful Golden Retriever named Herman,) I don't think I ever considered him like a sibling.  After all, he was outside almost all the time, in all kinds of weather (I grew up on a farm and all of our pets were primarily "outside animals.")  And I think that people who insist that their animals are their "babies" are more than a little ridiculous (when they feel this way despite the fact that they have actual human children, the insistence moves beyond ridiculous and into the realm of sick- again, in my own humble opinion.)

True story:  I heard a woman on television once asked if she could only save her cat or her baby from a burning building, which would it be?  She actually had to think about it for a few seconds before responding "my baby," and then "apologetically" added that she considers both her cat and the human being that came out of her as "her babies."

All this being said, I think that anyone who would abuse an animal is the lowest form of life on earth, and should be subject to the harshest possible punishment.   Just as I can't imagine what goes on in the minds of people who would harm a child, I truly cannot fathom how anyone could justify hurting or neglecting an animal.  And it's not because they look sad and confused, wanting only to earn our love and to give it in return.  I'd feel the same way if we were talking about snakes or racoons or any other animal that doesn't have the slightest interest or motivation in pleasing us, but just wants to occupy this planet too.  It's because they are God's creatures, and who the hell do we think we are to treat them like this?

I also can't imagine that anyone who treats an animal like this is going to be all that more decent to the human beings they encounter on a regular basis.  An abuser is an abuser.  In a world that is way too coarse and unfeeling, their contribution is, to say the least, unwelcome.

Hope this clears things up, and spares me the wrath of the pet owners out there.


  1. I can't even look at the screen when these spots are on because I'll start crying if I do. "God bless the beasts and the children 'cause in this world they have no choice..."

  2. Yes, exactly.

    Oddly enough, my most recent post is also about the abuse of helpless animals.

  3. It's been proven that those who do horrible things to humans started by doing horrible things to animals. If for no other reason than we want to keep other human beings safe (and there are *lots* of other reasons, tyvm), we need stricter animal cruelty laws.

    I'm one of those who refers to her cats as her babies, though with my tongue at least partially in my cheek. They aren't human and if/when I have kids, my cats will come second to them. I spoil them with attention and love, they have lots of toys, and they probably eat better-quality food than I do. I have few qualms about moving them if they're in a chair I want or sleeping on my bed where I want to lay down because they're cats and can get comfortable elsewhere. I think those who buy pet-sized cars and clothing and things like that are ridiculous and I can give them a list of better things to spend their money on, such as paying down my student loan debt or donating to a reputable animal welfare organization.

  4. Ah, my. Some points just keep on needing to be made again and again, don't they? As Douglas Adams said, "People are a problem."

  5. I wonder how long they took filming the poor things before they helped them?