Monday, July 2, 2012

Just a few points, Purina

1.  We didn't think this was clever thirty years ago.

2.  We didn't miss it.

3.  Making it longer, with two cats, doesn't make it worth watching.

No charge, glad I could help.  BTW,  in case you didn't get the point-

1.  This is really stupid.

2.  This is really annoying.

3.  This commercial makes me want to break my television.

4.  This commercial makes me hate cats, not want to feed them.

Oh, and a shout out to the stray cat I've been feeding for the past three years- hey, Miss Still Too Good To Let Me Pet Her Even Though You've Been Eating From My Back Porch Every Morning Since 2009, guess what?  The fact that my car is not in the driveway means I'm in Vermont for the summer, so you can just stop standing at the back door waiting patiently for the food you seem to think I owe you.  You'll have to take your meals with the old guy in the next house.  You know, that guy you let pet you.  That guy whose stomach you sit on when he lounges around in HIS backyard.  That guy who is no more your owner than I am, who feeds you exactly the same dry food as I do,  yet for some reason gets treated like a human being while I remain whatever the equivalent of a Leper is in your little cat-world.

I'll be back in late August.  Not that you care.


  1. Oh, dear. Cats. Don't know what to tell you except that they've got a brain the size of a soy nut. Odds are that the poor dim thing is reacting to something about you that doesn't make a lick of sense.

    As for the ad, I don't hate cats more than I ordinarily do after watching it. I hate the admen who torment them like this and wish that PETA would rethink which sort of dumb animal needs to be obliterated.

  2. I don't hate cats. I find a lot of people who "love" them to be absolutely insufferable.

    In my experience, dog owners are much, much worse. The dog owners in my family have done a great job raising their dogs to be neurotic, loud, needy jerks who simply cannot stand to be more than two feet from their owners- even when that means that they MUST be in the kitchen during meals, MUST be involved in every freaking thing happening everywhere, all the time--- and if you object to the Loud Barking at Every Unexpected Falling Leaf, that's YOUR issue because hey, He's Just Being Protective.