Friday, December 28, 2012

Cougar Town sure looks like no place I want to visit

I assume from the fifty or so stupid promos I've seen for this intensely dumb-looking show that it's a platform for a sadly aging Courtney Cox, who is apparently under the misapprehension that the camera still loves her and that if she surrounds herself with idiots who feed her straight lines, she can get her career back on track. In other words, a Friends for middle-aged people.

And if the promos tell the story, drinking red wine is as important to the daily plot as Courtney Cox, if not more.  Most of these ads show Cox drinking wine.  Sometimes she's just holding it.  Sometimes she's (very unconvincingly) sipping it.  Sometimes several of the other characters are holding glasses of red wine.  In one promo, all the characters are involved in a drinking game which they make look like a chore rather than fun.  This drinking game, btw, is taking place in the middle of the day.  And they all act like they are being forced to participate, and that the wine is really poor quality.  Acting Much?

Maybe red wine is a key plot point to every episode of Cougar Town.  Or maybe the heavy use of red wine is required to make any of this even remotely entertaining, or bearable.  Because man, this looks bad.  I thought the point of promos was to get people who don't know the show interested in watching it.  If I'm right, this fails for me on an epic scale.  I mean, I'm talking Big Bang Theory scale.  It's really that bad.

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