Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some guys have all the luck

I know this commercial is supposed to be how embarrassed Mom is because she does this pretty damned awesome dance after coming home from Wal Mart.  And yes, being this excited because you've finished your weekly shopping (only 51 more weeks to go, 520 over the next decade, just a little under 1600 trips to Wal Mart over the course of a thirty-year mortgage, marriage or whatever) is not only embarrassing, but quite sad, too.

But I don't get that out of viewing this commercial.  What I get is that husband is nowhere near good enough for this woman.  I mean, come on- he's a fat, balding shlub whose genes helped produce an ugly, dumb-looking kid (HER genes sure as hell didn't contribute to THAT.)  She's a slim, sexy, athletic type who finds joy in shopping at Wal Mart.  Why can't I ever meet girls like this?

I mean, compared to most guys, I'm pretty damned cute.  Compared to this guy? PLEASE!

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