Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Ugliness from Buick

This tasteless horror might actually work if it went just a little further in developing the storyline.

Think about it- instead of just going the simple nastiness of a woman being delighted with her new gift- a freaking CAR-for five seconds until a much better car comes cruising slooooowwwllly down the street, let that Buick stop and reveal that the driver is, in fact, the girl's previous boyfriend.  Turns out that HE was dumped last summer when the hotel he booked for them in Acapulco wasn't quite up to her taste, and he's returned with a new hook and a bigger worm.

So instead of "shallow rhymes-with-witch harlot can't be happy and grateful long enough to respond with a decent hug before being distracted by something shinier," we'd get two guys desperately trying to one-up each other to win her....errr, "affection."  Probably ends with one of the guys taking out a second mortgage and buying the biggest rock on display at Jerad's.

That might be a little entertaining.  The commercial they actually give us isn't.  At all.  Instead, it's incredibly mean-spirited and cruel, and if I were a woman I would be really ticked at the portrayal of my sex in this ad.

Personally, if I were the guy in this commercial, I'd take back the keys to the car I just attempted to give her, and urge her to follow her dreams....err, that is, chase that Buick.  And consider myself very lucky as I watched her run down the street, panting as she went.  Bullet dodged- and hey, I've got this new car for all my trouble, too!

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