Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For a change of pace, why not offer her the next ring while wading in the surf?

1.  These are the same two people who were the snow last year.  So their tradition is to cavort like little kids until He gives Her a piece of jewelry?

2.  Does the guy in this ad keep this woman locked in a dark room 364 days of the year?  I mean, could she be MORE devoid of color?  She looks like a freaking corpse.

3.  Is a snow-covered field really the best place to hand someone a diamond?  I mean, I really want to see the unedited version, where these two idiots are on their hands and knees, muttering curses under their breath, desperately searching for a tiny piece of transparent rock.  Now THAT would warm my heart.

Oh and BTW, check out the comments on YouTube- it's bad enough that you've got half a dozen idiots begging to know what this stupid song is.  But even when they are told, they keep asking.  What the hell?


  1. Ahh John, m'boy, how the heck are ya?

    Been away too long from this blog, had to catch up.

    But lemme tell you, these pale people are all over the NorthEast. It's like walking amongst a group of albinos. I hate pale people, that's just me, they're so damn creepy. And they show it in this commercial in the first few seconds.

    Just look at her face devoid of ANY emotion, just staring right into your soul, CREEPY!

    But yeah, how was the holidays for you?

  2. Great, thanks- in Vermont with the family. 14 inches of the white stuff today, temperature range -2 to 14 or so. Back to work next week. Hope your holidays went just as well.