Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh yeah, leasing this Acura is MUCH more "Responsible." Sure it is.

I suppose this is supposed to be Acura's answer to the Lexus December to Remember Red Ribbons around the Ostentatious Overpriced Look at Me Machines commercials we are buried with every November and December.  The problem is- these ads are hardly less obnoxious.

We all know the drill- Upper Class Couple is considering a big purchase.  Suzie Orman, or Santa, or Bette Midler, or whoever pulls up to give a rude, uncalled-for and totally unwelcome lecture on how to be "responsible" with money.  Somehow, being "responsible" means heading off to your nearest Acura dealer to drop $3000 and sign up for payments of $429 per month for three years to rent a car you don't need.

(I know we don't see it in this clip, but these ads are ALWAYS being used to push lease "deals."  So bear with me...)

(BTW, what is the "Do Not Attempt" disclaimer supposed to refer to?  Do not attempt to kidnap people and preach at them about fiscal responsibility?  Do not attempt to take advice from celebrities while riding at high speeds in overpriced SUVs? What?)

"Santa" is a total corporate whore who will sell anything, I get it.  He got his start peddling Coca-Cola, for Christ's sake.  Bette Midler?  Who gives a damn?

But Suzie Orman is supposed to give good financial advice.  That's her f---ng JOB.  So when she pitches a shiny, overpriced Acura as a "Responsible" choice,  well, sorry- but this is like seeing your Nutritionalist scarfing Double-Down sandwiches at KFC or your AA sponsor stumbling out of a sports bar and vomiting into a trash can.  The other example I embedded here features "Dr" Phil.  That's not quite as bad- anyone who thinks that the crap this guy shovels out is of any value will get what he deserves, and like it.

But Suzie Orman-- really?  You need to have a talk with Dave Ramsey, lady.  Not about picking up a quick paycheck putting your name on a bad product- you already know how to do that.  But about posing as a Financial Health Guru and then peddling this overpriced, shiny import. For shame.  If you have any left.

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