Monday, September 2, 2013

A Murder-Suicide would come as a welcome relief to this...err..."family"

1.  What is more horrible here- that everyone in this commercial acts like a brain-dead zombie as they mock Dad's obsessive bragging about getting a "great deal" on a Volkswagen RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, or

2. That Teenaged daughter can't even look up from her texting long enough to look the guy who provides her with everything she has (including that f--ing phone) in the eyes as she re-invents the term "no respect?"  or

3.  That Son does her one better with his "good one, dad," or

4.  Dad seems totally clueless to the fact that he's bored his family into a coma and that they are apparently ten seconds away from spontaneously turning on him with their steak knives, if only they can work up the energy?

Oh, and BTW- what the hell is that kid's name?  Dolf?  Dalt?


  1. Dalton, I think.....although "Dolt" would be more appropriate.

  2. I'm going with "Dalton," although the voice of the actor playing the dad trails off on the second syllable.

    And I agree -- yet another variation on the "Dad is so stupid" meme.

    A real family wouldn't be complaining when dad used that piece of awesome to take the kids to school in the morning, or to drive to the job where he makes the money to pay for the cell phone the daughter can't take her eyes off of, not to mention the food they're eating.