Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fox's "new" comedy

This fall, coming to FOX!!

Just in case there was anyone out there in tv land who wasn't already convinced that American males in their thirtysomethings weren't classless, tasteless, brainless, sex-obsessed lunatics who couldn't tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time unless there was a strong, sexy, smart woman around to assist, we present a---umm..."new" comedy, DADS!!

Though the show features new---ummm...."stars," you'll love it because it will all seem strangely, comfortingly familiar!  Idiot guys making obvious, juvenile sex jokes!  Hot women simultaneously disgusted yet inexplicably attracted to Said Idiot Guys!  Everyone living in huge apartments or houses which do not in any way equate with the jobs of the occupants!

And we aren't promising anything but....think there won't be a precocious kid popping in here and there?  Really?  Did you stop watching television in 1960, or what?

So sit back and enjoy 22 minutes of scruffy, stupid men who are allegedly friends tossing unnecessary, unproductive barbs at each other in between leering at women who are Obviously Way Too Good For Them!  If you can't be in front of your tv, don't forget to set your DVR, 'cause you won't want to miss this---ummm---"original" new offering from Fox!  We'd hate to think that you ever get over your impression that every man on television is a slovenly, witless douchenozzle who misplaced his razor weeks ago and is clearly not ready to be out on his own yet!

And I can remember thinking My Two Dads was bottom-of-the-barrel dreck.  Oh, where have you gone, Paul Reiser?


  1. And of course, the damnable thing is produced by that vulgarian of all vulgarians, Seth McFarlane. To think that the Asian woman forced into mouthing his dreck thought that she was getting an adult role after years of servitude to the Disney Channel.

  2. If they had an episode where home-invading criminals beat the entire cast to death after 1/2 hour of painful humiliation, I'd watch that. Other than that, I'd give this show a wide berth.

    1. Add in the irritating buffoon creator and you'd satisfy me.