Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wake me up when September ends

Here's another Burlington Back to...ahem..."school" ad.  There are about half a dozen of these flooding the airwaves this week, and they all have the same message: Ten year old kids are anxious to look really hot this year so they can attract members of the opposite sex.

Personally, I'd rather watch another 200 "where'd you get that showy piece of junk? OFFICE DEPOT!" ads than even one more of these Little Kids Trying to be Fashion Plates nuggets of crud.  Really makes me appreciate my school's dress code.  And that the boys and girls are separated by about three miles.


  1. Watching these jerks con children into giving up a youth they ain'ta gonna get back so they can line their pockets makes me wanna stake'em out on an ant heap and cover'em in honey.

  2. It's better than the vapid ninja kid ad