Sunday, September 29, 2013

A solid foundation for ANY relationship, in my humble opinion.

It occurs at the moment the woman here mentions "The Lord" and says "at least we had that in common" or "that connection" or words to that effect (how many times do you expect me to watch this crud?)

What she's saying is that it's nice that this guy is mutually desperate- errrr, interested-- and is not painfully hard on the eyes, etc. but all that really matters is that they both believe that 2000 years ago a guy who wandered around a Roman province doing magic tricks until being executed and then reappeared as a zombie before vanishing for good is simultaneously God and God's son.

She might as well just say "I knew he was the one when I realized he shared my pathetic, childish, medieval delusion.  We were made for each other."  I totally believe it, lady.

Now go forth and multiply, because there really aren't enough intensely stupid people on the planet yet.  I'm being sarcastic.  I feel the need to say so, because you knuckle-dragging morons with your Middle Ages belief systems really don't get sarcasm, or anything else that can't be found in the King James Bible.

(BTW, check out the way these two are looking at each other in the screen shot.  It looks a lot more like "you're here, and I'm sick of looking, and I guess you'll have to do" than "you're my soul mate," don't you think?)

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  1. Just so long as they don't end up on TLC showing off their master race of polyester clad imbeciles. If anything bothers me more than grinning idiots like this, it's the grinning idiots' insistence that when it comes to people, more is better. I'm talking to you, 19 Drones Reading The Purpose-Drive Life.........