Saturday, September 21, 2013

If you can take advantage of this offer, you don't NEED this offer. Thanks anyway, Expedia.

You know, I consider myself a rather spontaneous person.  Call me and say "hey meet me in fifteen minutes, we'll do something," and chances are I'll be there.  Seriously.  Try me.


Ok, back to this commercial:  I'm spontaneous, but I'm also not in total control of my life, 24/7.  If some Expedia choad walked up to me and offered a "great deal" on a trip to China, but I had to go right now, guess what?  I'd love to go to China.  But I've also got a job and other responsibilities.

Ok, just a job.  But I can't just say "sure, let's go" and call school from the freaking cab as I head off to the airport.  I'm sure the school would be just fine with my sudden decision to fly off to China.  I'm sure they'd also remember my being AWOL for that week when it comes time to reconsider my contract.

So, who is Expedia trying to reach with ads like this?  People who have nothing but time on their hands, who are unemployed (yet have plenty of money to do stuff in other countries, if only they could get a great deal on a flight) or have such flexible schedules that hey, I've got this opportunity to go to the other side of the planet so toodles see you next week?  Seems to me that if you fit either of these categories, you really don't need Expedia.

This is what I would say to the Expedia guy- "hey, it's nice that you are offering me a good deal on a flight to China.  But I work for a living, and I've got people outside of work who depend on me and I can't just drop everything to go.  Ok, that thing about people outside of work isn't true, but I still can't just drop my classes and leave, deal or no deal.  So if you can't offer me a decent price AND enough notice, what good are you?"

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