Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fifteen minutes. Over. Go Away Now.

I'm not sure this particular campaign for Wendy's Slightly Better than Burger King, Not As Good As Quiznos' sandwich offerings is even a year old yet, but I've had enough.

I never wanted to see this woman singing the praises of cheap, disgustingly fattening beef-and-salt-based food products.  I sure as hell don't care to see her rapping or ogling for someone's camera phone or whatever she's trying to pull off here.  If I was into Twitter, she'd be the last person on Earth I would be interested in Tweeting with.

I really just want her to get off my television and continue down her chosen path to "whatever happened to.." oblivion.  I imagine she'll show up on a sitcom first, then move on to some Survivor-type reality tv show.  That's fine.  Or, at least it's better than seeing her stupid chirpy mug show up every commercial break to whore for Wendy's.

And could she please take Flo with her?


  1. Don't forget the small army of pitchmen and pitch-creatures for GEICO and the idiots whining about soda tax.

  2. Ooooh, can it please be a reality contest show where the losers are fed one by one fed to hungry crocodiles or sharks? Maybe they can all live in a Big Brother style house where the only way out is a wading pool full of hungry bull sharks....yum!