Sunday, January 26, 2014

AAMCO: Come in and make a total ass of yourself for our entertainment

Advanced Warning: This video MAY be used to induce vomiting.

Another Advanced Warning:  This ad is more than two and a half minutes long.  You will think it's over several times before it is.  You will wish it's over LONG before it is.

My suggestion:  Do not try to watch this entire ad in one sitting.  Or any number of sittings.

No one does a better job making commercials that have your ears bleeding inside of ten seconds than AAMCO.   I'm pretty sure I'd rather spend an afternoon watching a Nails on Chalkboard marathon* than thirty seconds of one of these awful "haha check out how stupid our customers are as we engage in the fantasy that AAMCO is going to diagnose your car based on the screeching noises they make, and the even more laughable fantasy that your AAMCO mechanic will ever say something like 'no big deal' when 'that sounds like a very serious problem' will always have many, many more dollar signs attached to it."

Thanks, AAMCO, for making Punch Dub Days look like High Art.  And for once again letting us know that you think we in the non-mechanic world are a bunch of blabbering sheep who are not only totally mystified by these magical machines we call automobiles but are perfectly willing to let everyone know- in the most humiliating way imaginable- that this is the case.

*Coming soon to The History Channel.  Only kidding.  Or am I?

(BTW, is the guy with the problem car five years old? No? Then why did he need two people to go with him to AAMCO?)

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