Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Perfect Day in the non-lives of the Techno-Addled

I've used this line in a blog post for a similar commercial, but it's worth repeating- they sure don't make Greatness like they used to, do they?

I mean, here are grown men celebrating their ability to idle away the very short time they have on Earth living one childish fantasy after another (all of which involve killing people in "fun" ways or smashing cars- are these all Rated M For Mature?)  Naturally at least one scene must include the Gamer and Pathetically Proud Of It Moron delightedly firing some infinite-ammunition supercannon at an army of equally vapid, drooling couch potatoes.

But heck, why am I complaining?  Every hour these losers spend playing Big Sword or Gun Wielding Hero in Mommy's basement is an hour they aren't swerving from lane to lane on the highway scrolling through sports scores instead of paying attention to the other cars on the non-virtual reality road.  It's an hour they aren't blocking my favorite hiking path because they are checking Facebook on their iPhones when I just want to get past and keep my heart rate up.  In other words, in the long run, it's all good.

So keep swinging those big axes and driving those fast cars and shooting those awesome weapons at your friends, SuperLosers!  Your absence from the real world is more appreciated than you think!

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