Friday, January 17, 2014

Not exactly sure, but I know what it will include, iPad Air

Whatever my verse is, it will not be complete until I get to the part where I hunt down the pretentious, twee fraud who bored me to despair with this minute-plus of treacle and beat him to death with his own overbearing, unjustified sense of importance.

Oh, and I think the final words will include something about drooling losers who have managed to convince themselves that gluing their eyes to a glowing screen is somehow enriching their lives, and how when they are in their final moments, all the time they spent ignoring the world so that they could fixate on pixels will come back and bite them in the....err, haunt them with memories of lost opportunities.

Eh, who am I kidding?  When these stupid social misfits die, their final thoughts will be of the Games Not Played, Bullshit Art Not "drawn," and Tweets not Tweeted.   And who will alert the world that it has one less Facebook Friend.

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