Friday, January 10, 2014

He IS going to die soon, right?

1.  I love the framed photo including the Family Patriarch, hovering over all.  Kind of creepy.

2.  Mom says everything will be fine once they buy Daughter some headphones.  I'm not sure what this means- does Grampa snore?  Is it so Daughter can still listen to her music and not bother Grampa?  If it's the latter, this still daughter's home, or what?  What else in our lives are we turning upside down to make life better for Grampa?  How about getting HIM some headphones and leaving Daughter Who Wasn't Asked If She Minded Giving Up Her Room And Moving Into the Basement alone?

3.  "Thanks for not putting up too much of a fuss over moving my incontinent, grumpy, doddering old fool of a father move in and disrupt our happy home until he's ultimately found dead on the toilet.  Here's your first installment of Shut Up and Deal With It By Sobbing Quietly Into Your Pillow and Hiding Alcohol Around The House jewelry."

4.  "This IS his home."  Sounds sweet, but my guess is she means "we thought getting him to cosign the mortgage was a good idea, but now it's come back to bite us in the ass, what are we going to do?"

Oh, and Jane Seymour Medicine Woman?   Who the hell asked you?

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