Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Magic Moment- when Dell stops torturing us with this guy's horrible voice

Seriously, is the singer in this ad someone's nephew, or what?

Every time this commercial comes on, I think of how lovely listening to nails across a chalkboard would be compared to the singer's weak, whiny, treacly voice.  And then I wonder who he's related to, to have landed this gig.

I mean, I can play the guitar every bit as well as the --umm-- "artist" here.  Not that that's saying much- this is not exactly the most complicated song he's playing.  And as for his voice- I'm no braggart, but I have a MUCH better singing voice that this guy.  Again, not that that's saying much- a rusted-out electric fan clogged with swamp slime produces better sound than this.

So spill it, Dell- who is this horrible, talent-less, tune-less non-talent you got to "sing" this already-awful song related to?  Whoever it is, congratulations- he is so BAD that he actually has me in the same corner as the YouTubers.  And whoever it is, please- stop punishing us with his cracking, straining caterwauling.  We beg of you.

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