Monday, January 13, 2014

Is "being a stupid fat doofus" one of the side effects?

Besides the fact that this guy acts as if Crestor is his favorite hockey team and not the drug that is keeping his lard-infused heart pumping, it's apparent that he didn't get the whole "along with diet and exercise" part of his prescription.

Meanwhile, this guy looks just way too happy to be on Crestor.  Does it do more than lower cholesterol and "slow plaque buildup in arteries" with results that "may vary?"  Or is he just really, really excited at the opportunity to experience all or some of those awesome side effects?

Or maybe he just really loves taking direction from authoritative characters on huge flat screens.  Hey, whatever bursts your buttons, buddy.  Can't help but notice that your kid looks irritated that you are still alive, though....


  1. I think it's now an Amendment that men on television have to have the intelligence of spore mold.

  2. The company is simply following the current hypnotic, gullibility broadcasting clause of having a black, level-headed professional dictating to a white male idiot who is relying upon the wisdom of the highly educated black gentleman, as his sedentary wife and pajama-boy son are enjoying doing nothing in the comfort of their sofa-life. This is the mantra of today's hypnotized, racially obsessed culture.