Friday, January 24, 2014

I guess it's the house that she found so attractive

As usual, the people in this commercial are living in a palace which includes a kitchen larger than my entire apartment.

I guess that's why the sad-looking woman in this ad seems reasonably content with her lot in life, married to a car-obsessed idiot who thinks of nothing but hitting sharp curves at dangerous speeds in his Buick Regal.   She is so used to his obvious preference for his car that instead of just congratulating Dad for Doing Something Right For Once and getting his kid to eat his strained peas, she mutters "gee I wonder where he got that idea" when the baby appreciates the Cliche'd Car Noises.  She looks like she's about to cry- which gives me the idea that she's had more than enough of hubby's love of his car.

Then she goes back to washing dishes, or whatever she was doing as Her Side of the Bargain (along with popping out a baby now and then.)

Dad's share- providing the big house- has already been taken care of.  Now if you'll excuse him, he has to leave his family to go play Speed Racer on those dangerous curves, like the Man He Is.  Vrooom!  Vroom! Vrooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!

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