Monday, January 10, 2011

A Commercial which has almost everything

Let's see-

Women presented as exclusively sexual objects- check. The "aliens" who declare their intention to "treplicate" (really?) with "the males of your species" are of course stunningly gorgeous young actresses who I hope are at least mildly ashamed at their willingness to take this gig (hey, you got to eat, and rent's got to be paid. I really do understand.)

Men presented as slack-jawed, unshaven slobs who are so beer-obsessed that they aren't sold on the whole "treplicating" idea until Bud Lite is added to the offer- check. Let me make an additional point here- why isn't the offer of "treplicating" enough? I mean, I would have been on the ship before any mention of alcohol is made. Has sex fallen so far down on the priorities scale- way below playing with a cool cell phone, for example- that the bribe of LIGHT BEER was needed to seal the deal?

Cliche'd catchphrase that Budweiser dearly hopes goes viral and is permanently engraved in the American Consciousness as being connected to Bud Lite ("Here We Go!)- Check.

Confused punchline which steps all over the storyline- CHECK. After the guys are whisked away for an eternal orgy of sex and beer (not in that order, apparently) the women cheer "the guys are gone!" and start their own party- with their own beer, which I guess was hidden away for fear that the Scruffy Males would guzzle it down without their help. But hold on- is the message here that the women can't have fun with beer if men are around? That they are incapable of drinking all the beer they want unless the Males are not aware or in a position to stop them? I mean, what the hell? Last time I checked, adult women in the United States could drink whatever they want, whenever they want to drink it. Are there really men out there actively trying to prevent women from having a good time?

Isn't there something missing here? The men are off with sexy female aliens, the women are left with- each other. And beer. Why not sexy male aliens? Would their presence strip the women of their moral high ground, or what? Seriously, help me out here.

So what IS missing from this ad? It's so obvious, I don't blame you if you missed it. This commercial is missing a product worth purchasing. I mean, come on- Lite Beer? Who gets this excited over LITE BEER?

Then again, these are guys who are not all that interested in treplicating, and women who aren't all that concerned that their boyfriends/husbands/fathers of their children have been whisked off in a space ship to have alien sex and drink bad beer. So maybe it's just me.


  1. They're not even trying to hide their contempt for the people who drink their product any longer. Granted, I could have typed that sentence as far back as twenty or thirty years ago but, well, some things are timeless, aren't they?

  2. Oh the stereotypes in this one are brutal. You forgot to mention that when ever women drink and/or party it must consist of non-stop screaming WOOOOOO!!!!. Woo is an absolute deal breaker for me. If I meet a girl at a party or bar or club and she screams woo, I dont care how hot she is I am walking away.

  3. Ditto- sometimes I wonder what country these people are living in. If I ever heard someone yell "HERE WE GO!" or "WOOOO!" I'd make tracks, fast.

    But what do I know? I'm a male who shaves on the weekends, so I guess I'm already "out of the mainstream."

    And I'd have to be really, really thirsty to drink Light Beer.

  4. Oh yeah. I didnt even get into the whole Light beer thing. The only time I ever drank light beer was when I was 18 and I just had to drink whatever someones older brother got for us. What kind of self respecting alien ship doesnt have some Johnnie Walker Black or something on board.

  5. So much for the "alien invaders would be far in advance of our own civilization" theory.