Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just for Fun, Because I couldn't resist

I caught this vintage ad while watching an old VHS recording of Mystery Science Theatre, and I couldn't believe my luck in finding it available for embedding on YouTube. Every time I see this ad, two thoughts run simultaneously through my head:

1) Why would anyone want to listen to this music? I mean, it's not terrible in small doses- I'm a big Cars fan- but I simply can't imagine listening to this for more than two or three songs at a time. Unless I wanted to induce a comatose state, perhaps.

(I'm pretty sure that the combination of grapes, wine and Spandau Ballet is an approved form of euthanasia in Oregon.)

2) There is simply no way that these two people are having sex. Or ever thinking about sex. Or have any idea what sex is. And I mean NO. WAY. Which means that the only reason this couple would own these tapes (or Cassettes!) would be to wind down after a particularly rigorous hour of Bible Study.

I mean, just check out that mustache. And that sweater. And the girl's truly freaky I Love Jesus eyes. Yikes!


  1. I think you may have unearthed one of the Flanderses first dates. (dear sweet Jobu, that's two "Simpsons" references in two days!)

    By the way, MST3K is the best.

  2. I wish I had caught that- this guy IS Ned Flanders!

    And the strange thing is, The Simpsons was already in it's sixth season when this ad came out. So this guy is copying Flanders, not the other way around...

  3. The parodies on "Whose Line Is It Anyway," where Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie pretend to be pitchmen for a CD compilation really aren't that much of a parody after all.

  4. HUGE MST3K fan. I keep waiting for someone to make a similar show but it never happens. Robot roll call!

    This commercial reminds me of this one for "Pure Moods"...

    To this day I will still throw "Lose yourself in the timeless essence of Tubular Bells" into a conversation if I can.

    This also reminds me of something else I was talking about with my BFF the other day. Remember those mailers for BGM ( Or what ever) music that would come to your house several time a year where you could get 12 albums for 3 cents a piece? I remember hearing the horror stories of people who lost their homes because they didn't cancel the service and got locked into buying 300 CD's at four times the MSRP. What ever happened to those things?

  5. My hope is that they were finally banned, and the scumbags who created that scam were summarily executed.