Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here's an idea- give your pie hole a rest, especially while driving. That will save money, too.

Here's a nice collection of clueless jackasses who spent years getting screwed by their phone companies but now think that they are qualified to tell me what service I should be using.

Wait- let me rephrase that. Here's a nice collection of clueless jackasses with very, very limited vocabularies trying to sell me that message. Because seriously- you are going to have to do a lot better than "HUGE, ENORMOUS BILL" bleated in a Middle Eastern accent to get me to switch-- how about telling me what those words mean? What's a "HUGE, ENORMOUS bill," anyway? $100? $200? It seems likely that the bill was considerably more than usual- or these people just woke up one day and decided "gee, maybe I shouldn't be handing my retirement account to my phone company." Either way, why should I pay attention?

And you are also going to have to a lot better than posing people in front of mountains of crumbled up paper. I mean, good for you if you are saving money now- but again, what took you so long?

Oh, and having one of these people hand me a grunt/snarl when she recollects how incredibly long it took for her to put two and two together and realize that she was paying too much- that doesn't work, either.

Because the only message I really get out of this ad is that there are a lot of really, really stupid people out there who had no problem overpaying for phone service but now, like druggies who have Discovered Jesus, feel empowered to preach to the rest of us about saving money. These guys aren't quite as obnoxious as the people who mug us with "Have You Looked At YOUR Bill yet?" in other ads, but pretty damned close.

Hey, Vonage losers- just because you overpaid, doesn't mean the rest of us aren't a LITTLE BIT smarter with OUR money. So take your sad little stories of personal awakening, cram them, and throw them into that pile behind you, ok?


  1. I hate the fast edit so it sounds like they're finishing the same sentence.

    Wow! Three people in a row! LET ME SWITCH NOW!

    I thought I was the last person in the world to have a land line.

  2. You must really hate those Chevron commercials, where the Chevron spokesman shows how seriously he takes the concerns of the Average Citizen by interrupting to finish their thoughts--

    Average Citizen: "We need to start doing this.."

    Chevron choad: "Now."

    AC: "We need to invest in windmills and.."

    CC: "Solar panels. Yeah, we get it. Now shut the fuck up and buy more oil."

    (Ok, I invented the last two lines there."

  3. Define "enormous, huge bill." $45? $100? $1,000?

    And for how many months did they have to have bills that big before they decided to switch? I assume one month, since they say "bill" and not "bills."

    Seems to me you'd need more than a month to know whether the trend was going to continue.

  4. I've noticed that fast edit/ word repeat all over the place and it bugs the shit out of me. I feel like I'm watching the same commercial over and over again, no matter what it's for. I've even seen a Pizza Hut commercial that does it.

    And that woman with the phlegmy throat-noise... disgusting.

  5. I don't know where the idea that five people you don't know telling you a product is good is more effective than one came from, but I wish it would just crawl back there, and die.

  6. Can it take the annoying speakers with it when it does?