Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kind of odd that he had this girl's number already programmed in, wasn't it?

I'm pretty much numb to the brain-deadening stupidity of these "haha check out the funny morons and their total disregard for the feelings of others" cell phone ads. So I'm going to skip over the Bag of Hammers Stupid that is the basic plot, and just make three points that go beyond the usual These People Don't Resemble Anyone I Know, Thank God punchline:

First, did the guy with the beard really lose anything when he broke up with his girlfriend? Seconds after his "friend" texts his former Significant Other, she not only accepts his invitation for a date, but proceeds to bury him with downright scary-obsessive "what took you so long" and "I'm really looking forward to our date" messages. I imagine that thirty seconds after she got the invite, she updated her Facebook Page to announce to the world that she's "in a relationship with...." Any second thoughts, New Significant Other?

Second, it's downright scary to read some of the responses to this video on YouTube. I can only hope that 99 percent of the people who post there are 8-year olds, because seriously- if this commercial leaves you ROTFLYAO, you've got serious sense of humor issues. To the guy who felt compelled to post "I s--t myself every time I see this ad," I suggest therapy. Earth to arrested development YouTube weirdos: These ads are not only Not That Funny, they are really Not Funny At All. I hope to hell that if you aren't very, very young, you are just exaggerating how much you OMIGOD LOVE commercials like this. Because other than the constant "what music is this omigod I love this music where can I find this music" postings, there's really nothing sadder than imagining a population of people who are supposed to be our future (assuming they are children- they have to be, right?) laughing at bottom of the barrel nothingness like these ads.

Third- I'll give the bearded guy a little salute for tossing his ex-girlfriend's new Official Boyfriend's phone away. I'm not sure what this accomplished, but imagining at least ONE witless knob having to live without a phone for at least a few hours until he can get to the nearest AT&T store (probably at the lodge) gives me a warm feeling. That's something, at least.


  1. If only Paddy Chayefsky could take the subject of thousands of people tossing their cell phones away in disgust. "They're tossing in Toledo!"

    All mobile phone ads are disgusting for their promoting the aspect of "You NEED this phone".

    As a result, yuppies, oldsters, teens, and others now participate in turning every street corner, every storefront, every quiet park road, every office building entrance into a not-so-private telephone booth where personal details of uninteresting lives are shouted into the hand for all to hear and, somehow, permit.

  2. My 19 year old son's opinion of this ad is that it breaches a serious rule of etiquette in that you do not date your friend's ex. Not unless you both move away, years have passed and you're no longer friends with the friend/ex-boyfriend. And even then, "it'd be weird!" (his words).

    When Beardy McBeardson chucks the jackass's phone away- that's when I laugh. I suppose having him smash it with a hammer on a ski lift wasn't real enough for them.

  3. I suppose this answers a question a man on a Canadian sketch comedy show asked once. As I recall, the man asked "Do people who talk on cell phones realize that they look insane?" The answer seems to be "No, sir. They do not."