Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't already have a headache? Aleve's latest will give you one!

No, Aleve, I am still not convinced that the woman in this ad is popping pills. Please, make the slurping and gulping just a little bit louder, ok?

I mean, jeesh, whose brilliant idea was it to provide us with such graphic sound effects. Slurp, gulp, slurp, gulp-- WE GET IT.

Not surprising that the person who recommends the Just Two Pills a Day Aleve would be someone who has regular contact with this woman. I can just hear the conversation- "a group of us got together and decided that if we have to spend just one more day listening to you slurp and gulp your way to temporary pain relief, we would have to kill you. So please, try this, you disgusting twat."

I imagine this woman takes her daily dose of two Aleves (hey, let's not schedule a doctor's appointment to find out if there's something seriously wrong here- naw, just keep taking over the counter painkillers until your liver explodes) in the privacy of her own home, with her morning coffee (can you really take pills with coffee without gagging? I'm not going to try.) I also imagine that this means her husband and kids don't need an alarm clock. The sound of mom making a disgusting ass of herself in the kitchen would wake the freaking dead.


  1. I'm hearing impaired and never noticed the slurping noises till I listened with my headphones just now. I gotta say, I'm really glad that I'm hearing impaired sometimes.

    Also, annoying: her exaggerated wincing and leaning over to clutch her kneecap. When your knees get to the point where you're popping pills daily to deal with them, you're beyond the scope of over-the-counter meds.

    I know these things because I'm a cyborg sapien. Three years ago next month I was assimilated with Steve Austin (the name of my metal knee joint).

  2. Yes, heaven forbid you go to the doctor about pain that has you taking meds every [x] hours. How foolish would it be to talk to a medical professional rather than risking frying your liver and kidneys with higher-than-listed doses of OTC meds?

  3. Apparently the makers of Aleve don't sell a prescription-only pain medication, or they might add a plug for it in their ads. They seem content to encourage us to meet constant, daily pain with drugs.

    1. Because heaven forfend someone should go to a doctor and find out what's causing the pain. If that happened, the pain might go away and Bayer would be out a millisecond's profit.

  4. The gulping makes me want to punch someone! I have to turn the sound off or change the channel immediately because it creeps me out. I'm not going to buy their product ever. The advertiser who thinks eating/drinking/digestive type noises belong in commercials is an idiot!

  5. I agree! I think I have something called 4-S syndrome where I can't tolerate disgusting mouth sounds - and the amplification on this commercial makes me crazy. I never seem to get the the remote in time before the first slurp. Someone please make this stop!

  6. I figured I couldn't be the only one disgusted by the loud gulps in this commercial, so wasn't surprised a Web search found this thread. I'm now going to search for Aleve's ad agency and write a letter of complaint.