Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whenever this pig screams, part of my soul dies

First, it's clear that Geico simply can't get it's act together when it comes to choosing an annoying spokes-something. Ultra-sensitive cavemen. Gecko with an Australian accent. Eyes pasted on a stack of bills. And now a pig which does nothing- absolutely NOTHING- but scream "weeeeeeeee??"

You know, Geico, it's bad enough that we are becoming a nation of under-educated, under-skilled, slack-jawed, media-consuming, knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who believe everything Fox News tells us. You don't have to join in the search for the lowest common denominator, we were getting there just fine without your help.

I'd like to think that this pig crap is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. The problem is, that barrel has been scraped so many times, it's easy to see the floor underneath it. Considering the generally positive comments posted by the YouTube glue-sniffers in reaction to this latest Adventure of Maxwell The Wonder Something, we aren't there yet. It's going to get worse.

Second- all this to save us a few bucks on our Auto insurance (or not, since Geico has never, EVER offered me a competitive rate- I want my fifteen minutes back btw?) Who would trust this company with something as important as car insurance, anyway? I mean, what the heck am I missing here?


  1. How odd, right before I checked to see if you'd posted something new, this commercial was on. Yeah, not funny. The pig was mildly amusing the first time Geico used it. The dead horse has been beaten so long and hard, the DNA is fractured beyond recognition now.

  2. I'd sooner deal with the ones wherein the shmuck announcer comes in, asks a stupid question and we cut away to a 'comic' sketch. Hell, I'd sooner have Rainbow Dash boast that she saved fifteen percent on her car insurance by switching.

  3. Why do advertisers allow their agencies to talk them into commercials that are memorable because they're annoying? Wrong, wrong, wrong. And this is top ten annoying.