Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Undesirables," DirectTV? Really?

This is what happens when twelve sixty year-old Tea Partiers get together to write a commercial, I guess. They end up with an ad which basically tells you to make sure your cable system is reliable, because if it ever goes out or fails to hold the interest of family members, a tragic series of events will follow which which ends with you holding an "undesirable" grandson.

And why is the grandson "undesirable?" Because you don't approve of his wardrobe. Why is he wearing "undesirable" clothing? Because your daughter married "one of them"- you know, the kind of guy you only thought she would marry in your nightmares. You see, if the cable had been up to par, your daughter would have grown up to be a good little zombie, dated only parent-approved men, and married Billy from Sunday School. Today she'd be doing dishes in her own kitchen, right across the street, while this baby stared at the Baptist-approved video on the tv and husband Billy did the accounts for the Big, Respectable Corporation Downtown.

We all know that if the people who wrote this stupid, sad junk had just a LITTLE more gumption, they would have shown us what they REALLY mean by "Undesirable" and depicted this girl marrying a (gasp) black or Hispanic guy. I guess they figured that DirectTV, while willing to push the envelope, wasn't willing to set the damn thing on fire.

But really- "Undesirable?" Why Undesirable? Is the husband abusive or a drug addict? He married your daughter, buddy- he didn't knock her up and skip town. Do they love each other? Do they love their child? And the implication that the KID is also an "undesirable"- well, "contemptible" doesn't quite fit here, but this is a family blog.


  1. Direct TV was dead on. Congratulations for telling the truth. All responsible fathers would want their daughter to marry a responsible man with a good job and to have his grandchildren watch "baptist-approved" videos. God bless America- She sure needs it.

  2. I'm a parent, and my babies were dressed like that. I have a very good job. I also married a responsible man with a job, and we had our children after we were married. We support many local charities, we volunteer with the school.

    My children still wear black and skulls and other different types of clothing, because they choose to. My daughter sometimes has purple in her hair. But, they are both honor roll students, student leaders and have open minds and a good social and moral compass.

    How we dress has nothing to do with what kind of people we are. This commercial is unabashed hate mongering and DirectTV should be ashamed.

  3. I liked the commercial actually, it's cute in my humble opinion. I was at the filming, the guy was actually more european descent appearing, just tanned. My biggest qaulm would be with the terrible acting done by the leading lady, just terrible... And the fact that at that arcade I kept getting confused for an "undesirable" extra because I happened to be dressed a lot like them. I mean it's ironic that me, a gamer girl, went to that arcade dressed my normal and accidentally fit the director's artistic ideal. He actually asked me if I had known how the actors were dressing, and seemed pleased when I confirmed I'm a regular arcade goer, but far from a dropout. If it's any consolation at least 5 of the crew members got their asses handed to them at street fighter by me, a girl. It's what I get for helping them out in exchange for access to a few free games of street fighter 4 I guess. If anyone should dislike it or be offended, should be me. Didn't find out about the "undesirable" part until I saw this air, lol.