Monday, February 27, 2012

I really have nothing to add beyond what the girls keep saying, Geico.

1. When their parents, the police, your family, and your employers find out that you've been paying popular middle school girls to follow you around, the storm that comes crashing down on your head will make you wonder why you ever complained about the cost of your car insurance.

2. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if this guy was trying to lose weight, not save money? After all, by the time the "popular girls" pop up with their sneering condemnation of his eating habits, the food has been paid for. Is he going to try to return it for a refund? I mean, I know this ad is supposed to be about saving money, but don't these girls need to work on their timing? Like hitting "ewww," "seriously," "that is so gross" BEFORE he orders?

3. How does this guy know who the "popular girls" at the middle school are? Do I really want to know?

4. If this guy's sense of self-worth is dependent on the approval of three middle school girls, well, again, let's just say that he's got bigger problems than his car insurance bill.

5. Just the whole concept- this is an ADULT who thought it was a good idea to HIRE MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS to FOLLOW HIM AROUND and shame him out of buying junk food. In real life, my response is "what the hell were you thinking?" Because it's a commercial, my response is "what the hell was Geico thinking?"

Geico? Ewww. Are you serious? This is so gross.


  1. I know, right? I can see CNN and Faux News screaming about this for days on end if it happened in the real world.

  2. I guess you don't have a popular teenage daughter in your home... It is actually very clever ;) ---Love this site...Thank you!!

  3. Linda, as a teacher at an all-girls High School, I can admit that this commercial is actually pretty funny- the girls capture the popular image of middle-school kids very well. I just thought that the concept was too weird to let pass by :>). Thanks for the support!

  4. Here's another take on this ad from one of my favorite sites. I hadn't seen this before- but now I notice that these Middle School girls ARE quite thin, and it's pretty horrifying to remember that in Middle School and High School, the desire to be "popular" strongly correlates with the desire to be skinny (not healthy, skinny.)

  5. Yet another entry in the "people who buy our product are assholes" category of commercials. In this case, it's "people who don't care if they end up on the Sex Offender Registry should buy our product."