Friday, November 14, 2014

CVS doesn't sell handguns, either. My world is coming to an end!

I can't even begin to express my disgust at this ad, which tells us everything that is wrong with American consumerism AND American "health" care.  What the HELL are PHARMACIES doing SELLING CIGARS IN THE FIRST PLACE????

"If your Drug Store has stopped stocking your favorite cigars...." GOOD!!!  Drugs are supposed to improve health or at least allieviate suffering.  What the hell do CIGARS have to do with EITHER?

Every time I hear this radio ad- at least a few times a day- I laugh, and then kind of sad.  Then I remember the scene in Michael Moore's Sicko where the director is told that pharmacies in England do not sell cigars, cigarettes- or candy, or potato chips- because hey, it's a pharmacy.  When are we going to catch up?

Cheap cigars are still being sold out of every 7-11 in the country.  I assume there are still Cigar stores.  There's the internet.  In other words, cigars aren't going away,  They are just aren't being sold next to the baby formula and antihistamines anymore.  Boo f--ing hoo.

(BTW, if you find yourself "panicking" because your favorite pharmacy has stopped selling your favorite cigars, GET HELP.  You really, really need it.)

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