Saturday, November 1, 2014

Once again, Apple makes us long for the sweet embrace of death. Or, at least, deafness

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that Apple won't be satisfied until everyone on the planet loves their phones and totally loathes their company.  If you don't want to hunt down and kill the people who came up with this ad, you are a far, far better person than I am.

I mean, there is just no point to it.  "This phone is big.  This phone is bigger.  Let's repeat this incredibly simple idea five times because this ad simply must be at least 20 seconds long for no good reason, even if repeating the idea makes a simple, effective ad horrible and obnoxious."

They must have got the "idea" from that insanely craptacular "frog protection" credit card ad.  You know, the one that had you looking for a window to jump out of.  Ugh.


  1. As I keep saying, most of these ads would make more sense if they just had a close-up of the damned phone and had people tonelessly chant "pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny" for thirty seconds.

  2. If they string the "Our phone is bigger" concept out to its natural conclusion, we're going to end up with phones as big as widescreen TVs. I don't mean being able to talk on the phone on our TVs at home (already old hat for some), I mean we're going to have huge-screen-TV-size phones we are expected to carry around with us. And we will deserve them.