Thursday, March 19, 2015

Go to hell, Toyota, and please take Jan with you

Ok, this one's really gone to seed already.  I don't want to see this freaking lunatic on my television anymore.  It was bad enough when she was just a mannequin sitting behind a desk with a demented smile on her face acting as if telling people about the latest Toyota Marathon Craptacular is just the most awesome job ever available to anyone in the history of the planet.  Now we've got her throwing herself around the showroom like she's on a combination of Starbucks and Speed.

And to make things worse, she's got a class full of kids convinced that her job as mewling spoakschoad is way cooler than that of astronaut- yeah, being a science whiz and going into space, how freaking lame is that compared to being a bleating, lobotomized douchenozzle?

So goodbye, Jan.  You and Red and Flo need to find yourselves the exit, right now.  Enough.  Time for new campaigns.  Here's an idea- try a little creativity this time.  You know, for a change?

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