Monday, March 2, 2015

When it comes to medication, Daughter knows Best (as usual)

There are a million of these ads featuring children picking up tiny nuggets of information about certain diseases and immediately using that information to pressure their parents into pressuring their doctors into changing their medication Just Because Look There's This New Drug I Saw On TV.

Here, Daughter tells dad "hey, you've got A-Fib (man I hate that...)"  I'm pretty sure Dad already knows this- after all, he's already being treated for it, as revealed when he tells his daughter "I'm on Warfarin."

In one ear and out the other- it's all very well and good that dad knows about his disease, and it's Simply Adorable that he thinks he and his doctor can manage it without Daughter's interference---errrr, help.  But daughter didn't show up with her laptop and her link to a Pradaxa Ad just to be turned aside with a "yes, I'm already dealing with it."  I mean, who knows more about the drug dad should be on- the doctor who has been working with dad, or dad's own DAUGHTER?  Case closed.

So Daughter escorts Dad to the doctor- Dad thought he was a big boy and could go to the doctor all by himself, but Dad was wrong.  If Dad goes to the doctor without Daughter, he might get fed some "Warfarin is working fine for you, there's no reason to change" BS by Uncaring, Uninformed By Television Drug Commercials Doctor.  Daughter has to be there to make sure Doctor knows the score- put Dad on Pradaxa, or Daughter--- um, I mean Dad--- is going to be finding himself another Doctor to hand his Medicare Part D money to.

This being television, we are supposed to believe that yeah, Doctor was vaguely aware of this Pradaxa stuff but is usually reluctant to change prescriptions for his patients unless talked into it by someone who has more knowledge on the subject than he does, like the children of said patients.  After a five-minute conversation at his desk- who needs additional tests?- Doctor agrees to switch Dad to Predaxa.  If this happens in real life, I'd be asking the doctor if the medication really matters at all, we're being so flip about dumping it and trying something else.

At the end of the commercial Daughter is happy- for now.  After all, Dad and Doctor did her bidding, without putting up any kind of fuss at all (it looks like she had a harder time convincing Dad than Doctor- I guess Doctor doesn't really give a damn what Dad's taking, as long as insurance is covering the office visit.)  In a few months, she'll see some new drug on tv and immediately conclude "I think Dad should be taking that.  Like, starting yesterday."

My dad takes a basket of pills every morning.  I don't know what any of them are.  I'm sure as heck not going to be dropping in to pressure him to try this or that new drug Just Because.  Either I'm not as caring as Daughter, or I've got a lot more going on in my life than she does.  I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

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