Sunday, March 29, 2015

Two ways of looking at this stupid AT&T Ad

1.  Let's go with the "this is Billionaire Mark Cuban appearing in an AT&T commercial for some reason" take:  We are supposed to believe that Cuban is concerned that he's going to be paying for data that his family won't be using because they'll be "on vacation?"  Holy crap, what's next- does Cuban put a hold on his newspaper delivery and demand a rebate on unread copies while he's not at home, too?  The guy made more money while I was typing this than I'll make in a year- he actually took the time to head over to his local AT&T store to negotiate a few bucks on this phone bill?

2.  Let's go with the "this is just an average idiot dad who is not Billionaire Mark Cuban" take:  He's about to take his family on vacation- and his theory is that he and his kids will be using less data because they are on vacation?  What planet is this idiot living on?  Maybe his intentions are good and he expects to be using his phone a lot less than usual because he's not actually going to be working.  But if he thinks his kids are going to be taking a break from texting, tweeting, yakking and downloading just because Mom and Dad are around (and have dropped some serious money to give them a new place to text, tweet, yak and download from) he is seriously niave.   I'd feel sorry for him if he hadn't already shown himself to be a total twat by getting those kids hooked on their phones with a massive data plan to begin with.  Bed, Made, Lie, buddy.

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