Saturday, March 21, 2015

This Geico Commercial is not the worst part of this Geico Commercial

Think watching an obese 59-year old man attempting to relive his "glory days" as an overrated, flash-in-the-pan NFL player back in the late-80s by basically admitting that he's known for a stupid dance and not for any actual athletic skill is the saddest thing about this ad?

Boy, are you wrong.  Not even close.  Because if you go to YouTube and search "Geico Cold Cuts," you'll find that dozens of morons have posted themselves spoofing on this ad.  Little kids.  Senior Citizens.  One particularly vapid idiot who actually has a "friend" catch her act on an iPhone as she does it in a store filled with customers.

At least Mr. Woods was able to pick up a few extra dollars (he only played in the NFL for three years and has been retired for 25, so for all we know he may well need them) with his minstrel show-level antics.  The rest of these people with their Look At Me Do Stupid Stuff For Your Entertainment Because Someone Convinced Me I'm Worth Paying Attention To?  Beyond worthy of pity, but I've got plenty of contempt to share.

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