Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wait....what? What has this got to do with anything, Allstate?

Ok, I seriously do not get it.

In this ad, a woman waxes poetic about what a "great mom" she's going to be while we see her screwing up over and over again in the raising of her (future? Present? Imaginary?) child and doing things that are either horrible (murdering the family hamster with the vacuum cleaner) or stupid (squirting baby bottle milk into her coffee- ugh, go black, moron!) or just plain dangerous (daydreaming about starting a blog while attempting to maneuver an SUV filled with inflated balloons) until her dimwitted daydreaming gets her into an accident, which segues ad for insurance?

For about two seconds, I actually thought that this might be an ad for Google- she tells us she's going to be a "great mom" because "after all," all HER mom had was "common sense" (like not trying to drive around with inflated balloons which obstruct rear vision?) and SHE has Google-- but we never see her attempting to find answers (like "is it a good idea to vacuum the hamster cage while the hamster is in it?")   We just see her patting herself on the back while doing breathtakingly dumb things until she wrecks her car.

Turns out that we are supposed to be inspired to buy insurance after watching this commercial.  Uh huh.  I'm actually more inspired to encourage this woman to keep up with the birth control.  And to slap an Allstate Insurance salesman.  Because what the hell is all this?

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  1. I stopped caring after they turned Scooby Doo into a shill for State Farm.....