Sunday, March 22, 2015

What do I hate more than BMW Owners? Maybe BMW Owners with Grandmas?

1.  We've reached a new milestone in human achievement: cars which let us know when to turn by showing us maps on the windshield.  In other words, we've also reached a new milestone in pathetic human helplessness.

2.  It would be ok if this family was taking grandma out into the country to dump her off at a farm with an unsigned note attached to her shawl.  From their faces, I'd say they'd been through enough.

3.  A few YouTubers have actually noticed that this mean-spirited ad is a really, really mean-spirited ad.  Good for them- but I wonder why they expected anything better from the makers of the Self-Absorbed Douchemobile Not Named Audi or Lexus.

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