Friday, March 27, 2015

Where you see People, Charles Schwab sees Money

And so it goes in a world absolutely corroded by the mad pursuit of money.  Except for maintaining his three-day growth, there is absolutely nothing more important to this guy than adding just a little more to his already enormous pile of wealth.  So when he sees a lot of wireless headphones cropping up everywhere, he's the first to go to WirelessHeadphonesINC to buy stock and get in on the boom.

What I don't get is, why is he being so damned smug about it?  Wouldn't this commercial make more sense if it showed him reading an article about a new Wireless Headphone Startup, investing in that Startup, and then gazing in satisfaction at the witless drones spending money they don't have on $5 headphones that cost $400 because they don't have any wires?  (Oh, and if we could thought-bubble that "aren't I awesome" look on that smug face, we'd probably write something like "thank god for suckers with credit.")

Instead, this guy seems to be jumping on a bandwagon that is already pretty full, happy to be coming in on the 19th instead of ground floor.  I don't see how that gets you the huge office with the awesome view, but I'm no money expert.  Maybe the smug just comes free with the stupid facial hair?

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