Sunday, April 21, 2013

AT&T and Facebook: Terminally Stupid Together

We've all been in museums, libraries, and other once-quiet, peaceful places with this woman.  We all recognize her- she's the empty-headed idiot walking right past art and knowledge and barely managing to avoid bumping into walls because she's got her eyes glued to that m---f----ing screen in her hand.  She inspires feelings of intense disgust in all of us- disgust that we really hope does not turn to anger if that thing starts vibrating or chirping every few seconds, outright rage if the ringtone starts blaring.

And we wonder- what the hell is this person doing here?  As far as I know, there's no law requiring that drooling Facebook and/or cellphone addicts spend any time at all in museums or libraries or parks or anywhere else the rest of us are trying to enjoy a little of the unplugged life.  (Hey, losers- you guys aren't required to go to movies, either.  Just in case you didn't know, because you don't act like you do.)  Any of us really mind if people who want to chat and text and obsess over Facebook every waking moment of the day never make an appearance in a museum?  Can I assume that if they just find a rock to crawl under (a rock that does not interfere with their 4G, of course) they will not be missed?

Oh and by the way, is it safe to assume that when this idiot finally gets to escape from the Oh So Boring 'Cause It's So Not Being on Facebook museum and meet up with friends, she won't have the slightest idea of how to respond to the question "so, what did you do today" because she won't remember a bit of it beyond the time she spent daydreaming about being back on Facebook?

And is it also safe to assume that this sawdust-for-brains ditz will continue to pollute all the quiet, interesting places I like so much and spend all of her time staggering around in a bored daze while I mentally beat her to death with her own phone?

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