Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Denny's presents "Baconalia." Only in America. Thank God.

I guess it makes sense that the "good old days" for these guys is "this morning," because it's not like either is going to be sitting on a rocking chair at the old folks home forty years from now.  In fact, if they are serious about eating Every. Freaking. Meal. at Denny's, neither of these guys is going to see forty.

This is what we've come to in this country:  A series of commercials which celebrates the consumption of fried slices of pig fat.  And not only that- celebrates the consumption of fried slices of pig fat several times a day. Not to mention a company which thinks that the best way to sell a sandwich called "The Baconator" is to feature two disgusting fat slobs waxing poetic about how important it is to their happiness while consuming it.*  Ugh.

*Hey, guys?  Do you have a gun for your murder-suicide, or would you like to borrow mine?  Just trying to help.  Because, seriously- there are faster, less painful ways to die than this.


  1. Also less anti-social or wasteful of health care dollars.......

  2. I note upon further review of this commercial: The woman sitting next to them must eat every meal at Denny's as well- she knows they were there for breakfast as well as lunch. So I guess she has the same addiction to life-shortening crud as they are.