Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wipe New?

I'm going to focus my entire post on just a few seconds of this hilarious Miracle Product ad.  If you want to follow along, jump to the 32-second point.

Here we have a guy who claims to have spent decades as a "Professional Car Detailer."  He tells us that with this new product, "now I don't just clean the car, I actually restore it."  Um, what?  So for decades, he was ripping off customers who wanted their cars detailed by merely cleaning them?  That's what he's saying.

Also- "this is the most revolutionary product I've ever used."  I notice he doesn't use the word "effective," and I'm not absolutely sure that "revolutionary" implies "effective."  But if this guy actually took his career of detailing cars seriously (I think we just learned that he didn't) you'd think he would have come across a lot of legitimate products that actually did restore cars to an earlier appearance.

But if all he did was wash cars while charging detailing prices, I guess this stuff does look revolutionary to him- "hey, there was an even easier way to get their money!"  Have to wonder why he'd want anyone else to know about it, though.

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  1. Same here. If any person could do his job, he'd have to find some other way of scamming people.