Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gerber's presents: The joy of single motherhood. Gag.

Pardon my prudishness, but it seems to me that if the Mommy here really wanted her baby to be "covered," she wouldn't have set herself up to be a single mom.

Now of course, we don't have the back story.  Maybe the sperm donor skipped town.  Maybe he died.  Maybe his wife wouldn't grant him a divorce.  But this woman looks waaaaayyyy too happy about being on her own with a brand new baby, and I get a very strong vibe that this was what was planned all along.

And if that is in fact the case, I really don't see how a $10,000 life insurance policy is going to reassure a baby who is going to be raised by day cares and babysitters while mommy is off making money to make ends meet.

"Hey, wait a minute, John- you are assuming an awful lot here.  Maybe she's independently wealthy, and she plans to live on that wealth while staying home and raising her child."  Ok- but if that's the case, why is she so giddy about purchasing a miserably inadequate $10,000 life insurance policy for that kid?  I mean, jeesh- $10,000 covers about four months in the life of the average American adult in 2013.

My guess is that the vast majority of Single Moms are a lot more interested in finding low-cost day care and a decent, rent-paying job than in waxing poetic about an insurance policy provided by a company specializing in crushed carrot mush sold in tiny glass jars.  But that's just my take.  This woman sure makes single mommyhood look inviting, doesn't she?  I must say, Gerber's certainly chooses the strangest things to endorse.


  1. You get a better tax deal if you have a kid, that's where all these single mothers are coming from

    1. Yeah, because an annual $3000 dependency write-off really puts a woman with a baby on Easy Street.

    2. If you have a lot of kids, and let the public school system feed and raise them, yeah, it sort of does.

    3. Yeah, being a single mom with a lot of kids is just paradise in America, because they get all these great benefits. It's amazing more people don't punch their golden ticket like this.

      Seriously, I'm beginning to believe you know absolutely nothing you haven't been spoon-fed by Sean Hannity.

    4. No, it isn't paradise, my second post was a little sarcastic. But having children to get a tax credit is a (rather stupid) strategy for many in the so-called welfare subculture.

    5. Derek, you know absolutely nothing about being a single parent in America today and how difficult it is. If you live at or below poverty level and have to depend on public assistance and public transportation, finding childcare and holding down a job can be a nightmare. I've known a single mother of one young child who had to choose between going to work and leaving her daughter home alone or staying home with her child and not going to work (and as a part-time employee she had no sick time, so no work=no pay) because she couldn't find anyone to watch her little girl and she couldn't afford to pay for childcare because the father of her daughter, who'd totally gone back on his word to help support the girl and hadn't paid child support for the last five months and and wasn't cooperating with the mother's efforts to get child support help through DSS. Getting to school to complete her associates was equally difficult for childcare and work schedule reasons. Her goal was to be a receptionist at some point and get off public assistance.

      When was the last time any conservative radio talk show host ever actually talked to someone who's on public assistance--welfare ended in 1996, so why are we still referring to a long-defunct program--or someone who works with people who are on public assistance? They're totally out of touch with the actual reality of things and rely on stereotypes and blowing isolated incidents out of proportion or outright lying.