Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hyundai confirms that it does not employ actual human beings to make its ads

Maybe the only thing more disturbing about this tasteless, thoroughly disgusting, horrible little nub of an ad is that there are actually Youtube posters who think it's funny and that those offended by it "need a sense of humor."

This commercial has already been pulled by Hyundai.  But whether or not it should have been pulled is a question dwarfed by a few others:

First, how was it even made?  At least one person had to write it.  At least one other person had to OK it. Several other people created the set, and hired the actor to play Man Humorously Attempting To Commit Suicide.  My guess is that at least a dozen people had a very strong grasp of what was going to happen in this commercial-- and gave it the thumbs-up anyway.

Second, how did this get on the air?  This required even MORE people to watch the ad and sign off on it.  I figure we are up to twenty people now who had every opportunity to stand up and say "wait a minute.  This is unacceptable, offensive garbage.  It's not even a matter of us being able to do better than this.  It's more like, 'it would be hard to do worse.'"

Yet, it got written, it got funded, it got produced, and it got aired.  And now Hyundai has pulled it, expressing surprise and regret that people failed to find humor in an ad mocking a suicide attempt.

I don't think I have a reputation for overreacting, but it's really not enough for me that Hyundai has yanked this ad and apologized.  Personally, I think a few more steps are required.  The writer, producer, and everyone else involved in this abomination should never be allowed to work in advertising again.  Nor should they be allowed within 100 yards of children.  Oh, and they should be deported.  To Gitmo.

Oh, and Youtube posters who thought this was funny and we all just need to "lighten up?"  You can go, too. You will not be missed.

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