Saturday, August 18, 2012

Even the Seriously Deranged love Honey Nut Cheerios!

This commercial turns my stomach every time I see it.  It's not because of the stupid cartoon bee-- after more than a decade, I've kind of gotten used to his innocent obnoxiousness.  And I can skip over the concept of an Actual Person having a conversation with a cartoon flitting around their head while they consume Honey Nut Cheerios.

And as someone who grew up in an era with exactly ONE version of Cheerios, I've long accepted the fact that in today's tough times, General Mills was kind of forced to tweak it's product until now there are roughly six different flavors of the iconic brand.

I'd just like to know two things:  First, I hope I don't insult any of my readers here, but what kind of freaking lunatic weirdo really enjoys sticking pins in bugs and framing them on walls where everyone who enters your house can see them?  I know this happens in real life, but seriously- even if you are a professional or amateur naturalist, shouldn't these things be confined to a den or basement, where they won't freak out visitors or small children (or any normal people?)

Second, if anyone out there does consider the collecting of gigantic bugs, moths, butterflies etc in the form of carcasses preserved under glass a legitimate hobby, would you really display them in the same room where you normally consume your meals?  Is this the kind of pleasant view you want while eating cereal or anything else?  That this woman seems to think that there's nothing unusual about displaying her Disgusting Bugs of the World Collection five feet from the dining room table- well, sorry, but this is really odd.*

Third- if your answer to both of the first two questions is "Yes," have you ever considered therapy? 

*then again, I find photos of children framed and hanging in the dining room a fine appetite suppressant, so maybe I'm not the best person to be commenting on this.


  1. Great. The official cereal of being a disgusting lunatic.

  2. How about we focus on the fact that Cheerios has become the sugar-laden crap like the rest of them. I was a kid when honey-nut was first introduced. I was always curious why there wasn't a warning label educating consumers that their pee would smell like Cheerios.

    Dude, If you have such an intolerance with bug displays, don't visit that house.

  3. I remember when the Bee was first introduced and he never spoke. He just flew around with the cereal and at the end said: "Whew!" in a tiny, cute, cartoon voice.

    When he started to speak, I wanted to flatten him with a fly swatter.

  4. I was in the cereal aisle last night and this post came to mind, so I decided to see how many different varieties of Cheerios there are now, including original. I found (in no particular order):
    Yogurt Burst
    Dulce de Leche
    Chocolate (which are terrible)
    Banana Nut
    Multi-Grain Peanut Butter
    Honey Nut
    Apple Cinnamon

    That's a grand total of eleven different varieties. I remember when it was just Original and Honey Nut, and if you wanted fruit-flavored loops, you bought Froot Loops.

    1. I was fifteen when Honey Nut Cheerios was introduced. I was pretty sure that there was only one Cheerios when I was growing up, and a quick trip to Wikipedia confirmed it.

      Eleven- wow. I've never seen most of these- Duce de Leche? Chocolate? Fruity? Ick.

  5. I've seen Chocolate and Dulce de Leche Cheerios in some stores, but not all. Don't know how well they are distributed.

    My personal take on the "bugs on the walls" thing...this is yet another attempt by allegedly hip ad-agency dudes to add some "edgy humor" to what is otherwise just another addition to the boring long-established series of Honey Nut Cheerios ads. You can almost imagine a bunch of 20something hotshots sitting around a table brainstorming...

    "Crap, the client is insisting on yet another ad with that damn bee talking to people while they eat the Cheerios."


    "Hey! I got an idea! What if the Honey Nut Cheerios bee talks to someone just like in all the other ads about how tasty and low-cholesterol the cereal is, but then looks up and sees the walls are covered with DEAD MOUNTED INSECTS? Wouldn't that be hilarious?"

    "Oh God, yes!"

    "Wouldn't that shake things up a little?"

    "Yeah! Great idea, dude! You always come up with a way to do the same old boring thing the client asks for, yet with a new edgy modern morbid-humor twist! You rock!"