Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Well Ok, you CAN have it back, but not until next year....

...when this SuperAmazing technology is outdated and lame!  Then I'll not only gladly trade it in for the Next Big Thing, but I'll probably toss it to the sidewalk rather than risk being seen with it!"

I'd like to say that the women in this ad are seriously damaged, sad people, but they are downright normal compared to the Australian guy who calls the phone "Sexy."

Seriously.  "Sexy."  A phone.  Because it's slim, I guess.  Anyone else think this guy is just parroting the salesman who talked him into trading in his perfectly good, six-month old SmarterThanItsOwner phone for this thing?  "It's sexy, and it will make YOU look sexy, not to mention totally with it.  Take this thing out at a party, and you'll have people asking you about it in about thirty seconds.  You can pretend they are interested in you.  Let's face it, it'll be pretty much the only thing you've got going for you."

As the guy left with his "sexy" new phone, he didn't hear the salesman mutter "see you in six months, sucker."


  1. What I really hate about these phone commercials is that they make it sound like that if you don't have a 4G connection, that you might as well be using two tin cans and a string.

    Not everywhere gets 4G, and, frankly, I've never seen much difference between it and phones a few years old without it.

    1. That's because there really isn't that much of a difference. The speed of the connection is meaningless because, well, because traffic on the net is like traffic in the real world. It expands to fit the space available.