Sunday, August 12, 2012

They are cheering from the Shallow End, all right

There's so much to hate in this brief little, Olympics-inspired nugget of nothing, I almost don't know where to begin.  So I'll just hit on some of the lowlights:

These kids are in a massive, crystal clear (obviously professionally-maintained) pool in the backyard of a suburban mansion.  They have goggles on their heads.  Are they swimming, playing, having what used to pass as "fun" when I was a kid (and didn't have a massive, crystal clear swimming pool to play in?) HELL no.  They are leaning against the side of the pool, watching tv...

Because someone has decided that it would be a good idea to move a huge HDTV into the pool area (maybe with the misguided thought that if the tv were out there, it would encourage the kids to stay in the pool and exercise and enjoy the outdoors instead of hibernating in the dark living room.)  So the disgusting knobs who own the pool and the suburban palace also have no problem moving expensive electronic equipment around for the convenience of their kids.

Little girl is lecturing these kids on how "good they have it."  Jesus, I'll say.  But it's supposed to be "cute," you see, because her own memory of the Good Old Days is the 2008 Summer Olympics when, I can only imagine, this girl had to somehow get through being in the pool without being able to watch the games at the same time.  Which means she TVO'd it.   If she were an adult reminiscing about the 1996 games, she'd be talking about taping it.  You'd need grampa to actually show up and tell all these kids that sometimes people actually did things other than watch tv or plan to watch tv.  My guess is that the response would be something snarky and rude, because...

These kids are all little jerks.  Including the girl who is lecturing the stupid slacker pool boys.  Privileged, spoiled jerks.  They need that f--ing tv unplugged and put back in the house, they need the door locked, and they need to be told to stay outside and swim or find games to play in the pool until it's time for dinner.   Because it's not all about TV, all the time.

Barring that, I'd like to see that tv "accidentally" tossed into the pool when the viewing is over (and the kids are safely out, of course.)  Because it would serve the owners right for allowing this behavior to get this far.  


  1. Put the owners in the pool and you've got a better commercial right there.

  2. What's truly stupid about this commercial is that the girl is talking about how good they have it to be able to have wireless devices, so you can watch anywhere, when they are watching on a TV which clearly has an electrical cord running from it to the house. If they are going to talk about wireless media, then at least have them watch it on an iPad or something. Don't have them watching on a TV that needs a direct electrical feed to operate, otherwise, you might just as well have a cable line running alongside it.

    1. I was kind of wondering why they weren't just watching (from the pool, of course) on iPads.