Friday, August 17, 2012

This is Xfinity, and this is Depressing

This is your TV.  It's in your hand.

This is you on a lovely beach.  Watching your tv.

This is you with your family.  Watching your tv.

This is your phone.  You are texting on it, and checking your Facebook page every few seconds.  You are getting older.  So is your family.

This is your TV.  It fits right in your lap.  Until your body fat engulfs it.  No problem, just switch to your phone, which is also your tv.  Check your Facebook page.  Watch another movie.  You are getting older.  So is your family.

This is your TV.  On some planet, this is Awesome.  To a lot of people these days, that planet is Earth.

This is my planet.  I don't recognize it anymore.  I'm going outside anyway.  I don't expect to talk to anyone while I'm out there, because pretty much everyone else out there is watching tv.  Or texting.  Or checking their Facebook page.

But I'm going outside anyway.  I still like my planet, even though I sometimes feel like I'm the only one here.  I'll leave the rest of you to watch tv.  As you get older, along with your family.

Check your Facebook page lately?


  1. This is a commercial.
    These are some people.
    These are some other people.
    These are even more people.
    This is just one person.
    This is really repetitive.
    This is really annoying.
    But that's what you get when people are unable to hold their attention for more than one sentence at a time.

  2. These are people.
    They have the brain damage.
    They look at the world.
    They look at a screen.
    They prefer the screen.
    They block out the world.
    They shut themselves off from the world.
    They won't be missed.