Saturday, January 12, 2013

Discover another blatantly racist ad

Fat black women. Check.

Head wags.  Check.

Totally befuddled by technology- "I don't like talkin' to robots."    Oh, they are such SIMPLE people, aren't they?  Check.

"Girl."  Oh, they are such CHILDREN, aren't they?  Check.

Droopy, half-open eyelids and quizzical, "WTF-Ever" looks.  Check.

"I forgot what I was calling about."  Never seen this in a commercial featuring white people.  But why should I? Black people are SOOOOO FUNNY because they are SOOOO CLUELESS AND FORGETFUL  LOL!  Check.

Discover Card joins the "there's nothing funnier than African-Americans acting the way White People think that African-Americans are supposed to act" parade.  Hey, no problem, Discover- there's always room for one more monkey wrench in the gears of progress. I'm just surprised you didn't manage to get these women dancing.  You KNOW how musical "they" are.


  1. Oh, yes. Broadcast television. The last refuge of minstrel show stereotypes. It's a wonder they aren't eating watermelon and fried chicken.

  2. Well, at least they never used the term "girlfriend."

  3. Your post on the black women in the Discover Card ad reminded me of an old "In Living Color" skit. "Too, too ethnic."

  4. Discover, I'm lost as to what you're even selling in this ad. The buffoonish, jolly hen-picking of your actors muddled the objective.

    And oddly, every preceding comment above mine, seems to offer more ways to denigrate black women, yet all merely offered in "irony". We've come too far to revert to a 2013 'Mammy' character. Stay relevant. Make progress, not cheap shots at cartoonish stereotypes.