Monday, January 21, 2013

Gun Lake Casino: Where the trolls come out to play

Seriously, did the makers of this awfulness go out of their way to find the most repulsive, unlikeable humaniods not already booked to appear in cell phone commercials to appear in this ad?  Because these ugly, nasty, stupid mutts are really beyond the pale when it comes to being just plain repelling.

"Everyone's winning at Gun Lake Casino."  Wow, really?  Well, I guess it's probably too late for me to get in on the action.  Gun Lake Casino must have gone out of business some time ago.  Oh wait, what?  The vast majority of people who play at Gun Lake Casino actually walk away with less money than they walked in with?  Well, I'll be darned.  How come they aren't hopping up and down and waving their arms and grossing me out in advertisements for Gun Lake Casino?

Oh, right.....

So instead, we've got mostly senior citizens "enjoying" their golden years by blowing their social security checks on slot machines.  All senior citizens LOVE Gun Lake Casino- even the ones that have no neck (what IS it with that guy?  Ugh.)  And to make sure that we don't think that Gun Lake Casino isn't just for seniors, here's a middle-aged-looking fat doofus woman telling us how much SHE loves it, too.  So if you go to Gun Lake Casino, it won't look and smell entirely like Leisure Village with cheap, watered down drinks and lots of noise.  Women like this stupid slob will be there too.  Boy, that sure sweetens the deal, doesn't it?

All this Separate Addicts From Their Money ASAP stuff is pretty lame and sad- maybe not as sad as commercials for CashStop and Rent A Center and LibertyTax and TaxMasters and all the rest aimed at the bored, scared and/or just plain stupid, but pretty close.  Sad, and irritating, because you know that the scumbags who profit from these things don't give a flying damn if their clientele can afford to lose or not.  As Mr. Burns once told us, Casinos have the perfect business model- people come in, spend money on nothing, and leave, generally without complaint.  And even when they win, they generally keep coming back until they lose.  Kind of amazing that there aren't more of these things- but that's a "problem" that is being remedied by revenue-hungry, cowardly legislators.  If you don't live near a Casino, just wait a few years.  You will.


  1. Of course, for those unwilling to wait, there are ads for scratch tickets so that people can pay the stupidity tax from the comfort of their local convenience store.

  2. Tell me about it- most of those people are at 7-11 right now, waiting to delay me in my purchase of a cup of coffee with their demands for Just The Right Scratch-Off Ticket from the colorful assortment of roughly twenty.

    And I note that some of them cost $25 nowadays. Sickening.

  3. EVERYONE'S winning? Really? Since when did casinos become charities and get into the habit of giving money away?

    The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to gambling is that the House ALWAYS wins.

  4. Thank you for this. I know you don't usually do local ads. Sadly this isn't the only casino ad, or even the only casino, I have to deal with. It was just that Gun Lake puts out the worst ads, and it was the first one I found. I meant to find the ad for their in-scamhouse restaurant, with easily 300lb. people raving about the huge portions, but I couldn't