Friday, January 25, 2013

"Hey Dad, you're blocking my view of my future car!"

I guess the joke here is that Junior WON"T appreciate the fact that he had a Dad who was willing to spend a  lot of time with him tossing a ball around, even though Dad isn't very good at it and will show badly for the neighbors in the attempt.

Nope, Junior is just tolerating all this Quality Time crap, and will never once look back and recall how Dad didn't even waste valuable minutes changing into jeans and a t-shirt, but insisted on using it to play ball with his son.  Dad doesn't have the good sense to send Junior off to play with someone who can actually throw a ball and give advice on how to throw one, or suggest they go inside and download some piece of crud movie from DirectTV and do something Dad DOES do well- sit like a rotting potato staring at a screen.  But at least Dad's got this nice-looking car (jesus, it's a Passat, not an Audi or BMW- is this kid really daydreaming of the day 10 years from now when he'll inherit THIS?)

Sure, Dad likes spending time with his kid.  Sure, Dad isn't concerned that he's not athletic and looks pretty bad trying to throw a ball. Sure, Dad can't really pass on any good tips on how to throw a ball.  But check out the shiny Passat.

I'm going to assume that the people who wrote this commercial either don't have kids, or don't spend any time with them- and think that's just fine, because all kids really want from their parents is a college fund, a new cell phone every six months  and a hand-me-down car when they hit 16.  I've never been a parent, but I was a kid once- and seriously, I don't get this message.  At ALL.


  1. I think that the kid is actually trying to aim for the car, in the hopes that, after enough dings, Dad will give up and let him go inside or to the park or something.

    And of course it's not an Audi or BMW. It's in the driveway and not the repair shop. Also, Audi and BMW owners are far too self-absorbed to have children.

  2. I'm with blackferret. The son is mortified by his father's inability to throw the ball and just wants to go inside.

  3. I'm sure you are both right. Considering that 99 percent of commercials show dads doing absolutely NOTHING with their kids except maybe watch tv with them, I think it's a pretty nasty message.